Front Page of the IHT!

(This was supposed to have published last Tuesday… It apparently didn’t post due to the technical difficulty of not having clicked on the “publish” button)

Another step forward! Today the International Herald Tribune ran last Saturday’s NYT story on our search for the lost Leonardo. Very good play–it appeared on the front page, with a nice bit of space for the photo.

We’re almost ready to break the $10K barrier. Thanks to everyone who has pledged, as well as everyone who has helped to spread the word about this effort by email, liking, sharing, and tweeting. Please keep it up, there is a long way to go, but we can do it.

I will be at the photojournalism festival Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan, France, for the rest of this week, and will work on the effort from here.

Also, I fear that perhaps my last blog post reflected my fatigue from recent traveling and gave the impression I was irked with Dr. Smither– that couldn’t be further from the truth! An attempt at humor, no more.

And finally, for today, I welcome all suggestions you can offer on how to grow as large a following as possible for this project (please bear in mind that despite the National Geographic affiliation, in reality I’m a single freelance photographer with little social media experience and no budget, trying to drive this ambitious fundraising effort, so suggestions that demand a massive amount of man-hours or fundraising expertise are problematic). The outreach won’t end when the Kickstarter effort ends, regardless of the outcome, but the window of opportunity to find the painting is finite. Everyone involved feels the same way as Mayor Matteo Renzi–it’s time to make this happen.


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3 Responses to Front Page of the IHT!

  1. Lucy says:

    I couldn’t resist this project because you know that da Vinci would have loved the juxtaposition of high art with the most advanced technology!! Wouldn’t you love to have him looking over your shoulder! (‘Course, then he could just give you the answer you’re looking for and that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?)

    Hope you receive all the funding you are seeking.


  2. Zara says:

    I write a blog for The Tuscan Magazine, it has a good readership, so I just did a post about your fascinating project. Hope that helps direct a few people your way with some funds. All the best